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Thinking about Aesthetic Dermal Filler (Restylane, Juvaderm, Perlam, Radiesse) or, maybe; cosmetic surgery for jowls, etc. STOP! I suggest that you give Jennifer’s microcurrent sessions at least six weeks and see the difference it can make. It's the equivalent to going to the gym to strengthen muscles, except it's for your face and neck. I have been going to Jenn for about 6 months and my skin looks radiant and healthy. I am now at the booster phase and get treatments twice a month. I'm 51 years of age and was told last week by a client he thought I was in my late thirties. NOW that's results!
- KS,51

For the last 4 years I have had Botox and Radiesse(filler) injections. My goal was to reduce the lines in my face NOT reshape my face. Aside from the pain of the injections they made me look like someone else. Not me. I discovered Microcurrent and have not gone back to those painful injections. I am now on my 12th microcurrent treatment and have seen a huge change in the texture, elasticity and even the decrease in the size of my pores. Microcurrent has reduced deep wrinkles and has had an overall radient and youthful effect on my face. And without the pain! To top it off, it is a very peaceful and relaxing treatment. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone!
Austin, Texas

 I am 43 years old and as you can imagine starting to really see the signs of aging. I contacted Jennifer Wagner and had a free demo. I was somewhat skeptical, but being 43 and not wanting invasive surgery, I went for it. I decided that I wasn't going to tell anyone except my husband just to see if THEY (the people in my life) could see the results.........kind of a test, if you will, of my results.

After the 3rd or 4th visit I went home and my 8 year old looked at me "funny" and said, "Mom, you don't look so OLD". I said, "Thank you Walker." then decided in my head that I would later talk to him about how to put things a bit more gently.

However I was thrilled! "Wow! He noticed and he is just 8. I told my husband and he said, "Honey, you really do look 'fresher."

So, I kept going and my skin kept getting noticeably better and smoother and some of the wrinkles started to (still to my skeptical surprise at the time) disappear. Lines in my face that I would never have imagined would go away. i.e. from my nose to my lips, a deep long line from my lips and around my chin, my eyes, and wrinkles in my forehead that I did not even consider that they would go away they had been there so long.----

The next big test was my Mom. Would she notice? That would be the real test.

After the 9th visit, still unbeknownst to my mom, we were have lunch and my mom said, "Dayna, your skin is looking beautiful!"
What are you doing? I told her that I was having some skin treatments done. (no details though).
I could tell, and now my mom could too. The treatment is relaxing, incredibly hydrating and I am no longer skeptical.
I am a true believer and I am so happy with my results!

I am now at my 18th visit and have had countless comments. I am happier to look at my reflection than I have been in years.

My Mom said yesterday again, how wonderful my skin looks and I told her the "secret". She is very interested and I am glad that I can help her to feel better about herself, as I really feel good about myself and my decision to "go for it!"

Yours Truly,
DB, 43

“I have seen Jennifer for about 10 visits.  I am going to have probably 3 more and then move to the "booster" phase.  I look fabulous.  My eyes are lifted.  My crow's feet are lessened and my skin is glowing.  I haven't felt this good about myself in years.  Not only are the treatments relaxing but I love the time I spend with Jennifer.  She is a wonderful person and really cares about her clients.  She's a "hoot" and makes me laugh.  I look forward to my treatments each week.  I've referred lots of friends to her and they all have gotten great results and enjoy their vists with Jenn too."
SW, 42

"After only 6 treatments, my skin is the softest it has felt in years (and I have a few on me) smooth, not rough to the touch, as it was, & the overall tone has improved. My acne scars don’t appear as dark & my friends tell me I look like I’m glowing! I am a client whose problem areas are mouth lines, they are obviously still there; however, a few aren’t as exaggerated as when I started. I leave each session feeling relaxed, fresh & invigorated.”
-LB 47

The micro-current treatments smoothed my skin, just as I had hoped. The process is relaxing and comfortable - a win/win experience!
-SW 70 yrs.

When I first got an e-mail inviting me to one of Jennifer's Microcurrent Face and Body Sculpting parties, I deleted it. When I got a reminder, I decided to go to the website to look into the product. It piqued my interest so I decided to attend the party. While there I saw how the sculpting was done but I was still not convinced it would work. I asked some questions and after some thought; I decided I would give it a try as I was having issues with a sagging jaw line. I had given some thought to plastic surgery and the threading procedure, but I was not excited about doing either. I signed a contract for 15 visits. I started to see some results after about the 5th visit. I can honestly say that after the tenth visit, there was a significant improvement in my jaw line. There was also improvement around my eyes and my "smile" lines. After twelve visits, I was able to switch to maintenance mode, that is, I now just go for a monthly treatment.
I am happy with the results and I would recommend this to others. If you follow the prescribed schedule, I believe you too will be satisfied with the results.
-EA 63yrs

Going to Jennifer for microcurrent facial treatments is such an enjoyable experience. The atmosphere is relaxing and I leave feeling rejuvenated. After a few treatments I could see a difference in my skin tone around my eyes. We are now concentrating on my jowls and I can't wait to have them lifted and tightened. I am feeling better about myself since beginning to work with Jennifer at Your Beauty Secret! An unexpected side effect of this treatment is that it relaxes my facial and jaw muscles. Several years ago my jaw was broken and sometimes the muscles in my face can get pretty tight. I was so excited when I realized that the microcurrent relaxes my facial and jaw muscles. It gives me relief from the pain I frequently experience. I am so happy about this surprise! Two for the price of one!
-bsj, 57

 I started seeing Jennifer for my lines around my mouth.  I've had 8 visits and they are about 70% reduced.  I'm so excited about the results that I'm getting.  I can't wait to finish up my 12 sessions and see how good I will look.  I've been a smoker for 25 years and am so excited to be erasing some of them!